Why pregnant women continue to take alcohol in pregnancy

02 October 2020 12:50 - 13:30

This paper will present key findings from one phase of a doctoral study that surveyed pregnant women to explore their understanding of issues related to alcohol consumption in pregnancy and the reasons why some continue to drink during their pregnancy.  

A multi-phase, mixed methods study design was developed, employing both quantitative and qualitative data collection instruments and methods that included, a self-completion postal questionnaire, face-to-face focus groups during pregnancy, and post-birth semi-structured telephone interviews.    

Some of the main survey findings:

  • A proportion of women continue to drink alcohol knowing they are pregnant
  • Some women lack knowledge and awareness associated with alcohol use and pregnancy and do not know about the DoH guideline changes 
  • Culture, childhood experience and religiosity are important factors influencing behavior
  • Social media and the internet have a role to  play in health promotion

Victor Robinson, Research Lecturer Practitioner, Ulster University & South Eastern Trust